Eat Your Way to Get Six Pack Abs

Published: 12th August 2008
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A common reason why people give their six pack abs training is because of the diet. In any other form of bodybuilding, one's diet and food intake is restricted and controlled. This is fairly easy for people who are used to diets and work outs. But this is extremely difficult for beginners. Food is a major part of one's lifestyle and ultimately the hardest to chance, since a chance in one's food intake will affect every aspect of one's life. However, this difficulty in the proper diet to get six pack abs is a total misconception. True, it is difficult-but other people are making it more difficult through performing improper dietary practices. There are various ways so one can still eat great-tasting food and still be able to get those six pack abs.

One common mistake of many people who work their abdominals out to get six pack abs is food deprivation. The truth is, food deprivation is actually one of the sources of obesity. According to a study conducted by a men's magazine, the risk of obesity is increased 101 percent if one goes to bed hungry. Many believe in this so-called diet where one does not eat anything by dinner time until one goes to bed. As this data shows, this belief is erroneous. One actually has to eat to lose weight. The same study says that the risk of obesity is increased up to 450 percent if one does not eat breakfast, while it is increased 43 percent if one eats for more than three hours since waking up before eating breakfast. The study also says one should eat breakfast at home-people who do not eat at home increase their obesity risk by 137 percent. Surprisingly, eating one midday snack decreased the risk of obesity by 39 percent. This is because one has to eat regularly in order to boost their metabolism. Fast metabolism is essential if one wants to get that much longed-for six-pack abs. According to studies, one should at least eat six times a day. These meals, however, should contain three standards meals and another three consisting of smaller snacks. Besides the main meal, one has to eat small snacks after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The after-six diet, however, has some hint of truth into it-dinner should not be one's main meal of the day. The dinner, ideally, should contain less food compared to breakfast and lunch. This is because the body's metabolism is comparatively slower at night. The breakfast should be one's main meal. It is common mistake for many people working out for their six pack abs to skip breakfast. This is dangerous, as one is bound to eat more within the day if one's breakfast is insufficient.

But eating more also means eating right. According to this study, there twelve certain types of food one should eat in order to get those six pack abs-beans, oatmeal, dairy, spinach, eggs, turkey, olive oil, peanut butter, extra protein powder, whole grain, and berries, and nuts. Of course, one also has to avoid certain types of food like honey, rice, jam, chocolate, margarine-the fattening foods. This, patterned with the right six pack abs exercise, will guarantee that one will get those six pack abs right away. has all the necessary tips on how to plan your diet to fully develop that six pack abs everyone is longing to have.

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